News Update for 3/28/19

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation has released their annual county health rankings. In Florida, Highlands came in a bit below average. When it comes to Health Outcomes, Highlands trended down – 38th out of the 67 counties. That’s measured by how long people live and how they feel when they are alive.
In Health Factors, Highlands ranked 44th. That’s measured by health behaviors, clinical care, plus social, economic and physical environment.

Two of the quintessential names in autosports are combining for a program that’s comming to the Sebring International Raceway. The Hagerty Drivers’ Club and Skip Barber Racing School have joined forces for instructional sessions aimed at young drivers.
The Hagerty Driving Academy is designed to teach safe, proficient highway skills. Part of the course will be…how to drive a stick shift. Among other things, participants will learn avoidance techniques and how to correct a skid.
The first classes will be held at the Sebring Raceway April 3rd.

As they wind down their recycling program, Avon Park city officials say they continue to pick up the blue and yellow bins. So far, they’ve taken in about 1,800 with 100 or more coming in daily.
City Manager David Flowers is urging residents to put theirs out by the curb on collection day, where they will be harvested and taken for storage and ultimate re-sale.
Apparently, the bottom has fallen out of the recycling market, with no place for municipalities to get rid of the paper, metal, glass or other materials.

A Polk County man reportedly didn’t want to show up for his shift at a Hardee’s restaurant, so he called 911 and reported he’d just been robbed.
32-year-old Brian Anderson of Dundee told dispatchers Tuesday that two gun-carrying men took his necklace, money and his phone before jumping into a car and driving away.
Polk County sheriff’s deputies went to the scene and quickly realized that a robbery never happened. Deputies reported Anderson later confessed, adding that “on the bright side, Brian didn’t have to go to his 11 a.m. shift at the restaurant.”
Anderson has been charged with misusing the 911 system and knowingly giving false information to law enforcement.