News Update for 31 March 2022

Firefighters are back out at the Highlands County landfill battling the flames. Actually, two fires have been reported there – one on the top of the heap and an accompanying grass fire.
Operations were suspended last after a day of units from all over the county. They’re now attempting to get it totally extinguished.
No injuries have been reported, apparently there was no equipment damage. No cause has yet been determined.
County officials remind residents we’re still under a Red Flag warning and outdoor burning is discouraged.
The fire interrupted yesterday’s trash collections, officials say they hope to finish those routes today.

In the midst of the news cycle, Highlands County Sheriff’s officials have announced that one of their K9’s – Waylon – has been moving through the state championships in a Florida Sheriffs’ Association competition.
In a frenzy of votes, yesterday, Waylon outdistanced Charlotte K9 Beau to move to the final round. Waylon now is paired off against Brevard County’s K9 Junny.
They say it’s a daunting task, because Brevard has both more people and an organized effort. Those who want to cast a ballot for the local boy can go to the Florida Sheriff’s Association Facebook page and hit the "care" emoji to vote for Waylon.

After suspending their own recycling plan, Avon Park city council members say they will sign on with the county to help support theirs. A recycling bin is set to be placed in an area out by the municipal water plant. The centralized drop off point will be encircled with a fence and staffed by a guard to make certain that recycling collections are not contaminated.
There’s no word on when it will be put in.
Meanwhile, City Manager Mark Schrader says staff members still are trying to collect the city’s old recycling carts and dispose of them.