News Update for 4/11/19

The Avon Park Chamber of Commerce may have to wait until the next budget year before the city can help them out. Chamber officials had been looking for a $14,000 donation to help them hire some staff to answer phones and augment volunteers who also help out at the office.
Avon Park City Manager David Flowers said there’s no general fund money at this time, but suggested the Chamber look to the city’s community redevelopment agency for some more immediate help.

Work continues on hardening off Highlands County schools to external threats. Schools Facilities Director Frank Brown gave the school board a “Schools Safety Assessment,” outlining a number of schools where fencing projects had been completed, new office doors with better visual capabilities have been installed and new “virtual windows,” where cameras give total school observation are in place.
School board officials agreed while student safety is of prime importance, it appeared that no matter how many improvements are made, it would never be enough.

There’ll be big doings tonight at the Sebring International Raceway as the spring drag racing season gets underway. Drivers from all over the area are expected in to try the eighth-mile stretch, and everything from grocery-getters to for-purpose race cars are expected.
The series was started to allow street racers to get off the road and run their cars in a controlled environment. Gates will open at the track tonight at 5 with racing to commence at 6PM.