News Update for 4/15/20

The latest statistics from the Florida Department of Health show that Highlands County’s Coronavirus count remains at 62 cases. Although the severity of the infections are not known, 20 have been hospitalized at some time during the course of the illness.
Florida Department of Health officials say they are not tracking recovery rates. Of the 494 tests administered, 429 have come back negative.
Five deaths have been recorded here. Federal officials say anyone who dies and tests positive for the Corona now will be listed as a corona fatality.

It appears the stress of the Coronavirus many be getting to some people. Highlands County Sheriff’s officials have arrested a 62-year-old Sebring man for online threats.
Robert Kovner allegedly took to Facebook, threatening to go to a local grocery store and shoot people in the parking lot who were not wearing masks and to strike out at anyone within six feet of him.
He has been charged with making a written threat of a mass shooting, which is a second-degree felony.

Due to dry and windy conditions, Highlands County commissioners this morning enacted a burn ban for the county. It was another online gathering due to the Coronavirus.
Local firefighters have been called out multiple times per day to quell both structure and brush fires throughout the county. This morning units from Desoto City, Lake Placid and Highlands Park were called out to put out a fire in a mobile home on Tidewater Drive.
No injuries were reported. The cause of the blaze has not yet been released.

It’s no secret that waiters, waitresses, bartenders and entertainers have felt the brunt of the Coronavirus shut down. Local bars and restaurants have been shut down for weeks now – meaning zero paychecks or tips.
In an effort to help out, local musician Harry Havery has launched a series of online concerts. He has established a virtual tip jar, with 100-percent of the profits to go to his “I Have A Hope” Foundation for distribution to ten different places.
Those wishing to donate may go to – those wishing to see the performances can go to the Harry Havery Facebook page.