News Update for 4/21/20

Highlands County’s Corona Virus numbers have edged up a bit with one new case and one new fatality. The total number of local cases registered over the past couple months now is set at 71, with seven fatalities attached to the disease.
Anyone who dies with the virus now is listed as a victim of the virus. Apparently there have been 26 people who have been hospitalized with the virus in Highlands at some point during their illness. Recovery rates currently are not being tracked by the Florida Department of Health. Of the 622 tests administered locally, 549 have come back negative.

Highlands County commissioners met again this morning for another virtual session. They convened online to conduct their business.
Among other things, they declared 27 county-owned properties as surplus and be put up for sale. There are lots located in Avon Park Lakes, Sun ‘N Lake, Leisure Lakes and Red Hill Farms among other locations. They also voted to move forward with the sale of 41 other surplus properties.

Highlands County School officials say they are scaling back their meal program to three days a week. The meals, which come at no additional cost to students or parents, now will be distributed on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. However, each meal service now will include two days of meals.
Authorities say they are modifying the program to allow people to stay at home more.