News Update for 5/11/21

Avon Park city council members last night took official action to lift the state of emergency enacted for the City of Charm. The ordinance was put in place last year due to the onset of the coronavirus. Last night’s action came in response to an executive order by Florida Governor Ron Desantis lifting such restrictions statewide.
That does not mean things will return to normal. Operations at city hall will remain unchanged for the time being. That includes keeping citizens out of second floor administrative offices.

It’s budget time again. Highlands County department heads this week reportedly will begin reviewing their proposed budgets for the upcoming 2021-22 fiscal year. In the past, a budget committee held a public review of all the proposed outlays with a three-member budget committee.
This time around, officials say they will be sharing social media posts on how the process works here. Authorities claim the government is responsible for such things as public education, law enforcement, road maintenance, parks, public health programs and more.

The school system in Highlands County has been struggling for some time to fill in their teacher gap. Reportedly, they are going to try again by holding a virtual teacher career fair. Scheduled for May 22nd, the online event will feature separate recruiting booths for elementary, middle, and high school applicants.
Each virtual location will be staffed by three school administrators from the grade level who will share information, answer questions about each of the respective schools and the Highlands County system itself.