News Update for 5/12/20

New numbers released by the Florida Department of Health this morning show no new cases of the Corona virus here, and more than 50 negative tests. So far, 2,059 tests have been conducted locally. There have been 1,959 negatives and 99 positive cases.
In all, 33 people have been hospitalized at some point during their illness and there have been eight fatalities tied to the Corona virus locally.
More testing is planned. Drive-thru testing for the Corona virus began this morning at the Florida Department of Health location on George Boulevard South of Sebring.
For those who did not make it today – another such test will be held there Thursday morning.

Those being tested will be asked to provide basic information to health officials. The test will be a nasal swab with samples sent to a commercial lab for testing. Results will be provided as soon as available
Health officials ask people to limit passengers in the vehicle to no more than five people to a vehicle and only those being tested.

Avon Park city council members last night took action to help restaurant owners, passing a measure that will allow local restaurants to use sidewalks and other areas for outdoor dining as they try to expand capacity. Restauranteurs will have to make certain they allow for walkers to pass, and they have permission to use any adjoining outdoor areas for their seating.
In other action, council members voted to re-open municipal parks in the City of Charm starting today. They called for proper distancing and other measures in the use of those facilities.

You might want to keep your eyes to the skies. Officials of the Avon Park Bombing Range advise there will be some increased activity there. AC-130s will be training there all week.