News Update for 5/14/21

A new survey by Hire-A-Helper shows that the Sebring-Avon Park area has the 12th lowest number of college graduates in a national poll of small metropolitan areas. An estimated 16.7-percent of folks here have a bachelor’s degree – compared to the national average of 33.1-percent. They’re also paid less. The median average here for diploma holders is $42,000 while nationally it’s better than $53,000.
By the way, there are more women than men with bachelors degrees here

A Lake Placid High School senior has taken home this year’s Deputy William J. Gentry Jr. Memorial Scholarship. Brianna Pratts says she plans to study health sciences at the University of Central Florida.
The unusual scholarship amount, $2,247 reflects Gentry’s badge number of 2247.
Two students received different $1,000 scholarships in the name of Gentry and Nicholas Sotille: Hannah Loomis of Avon Park High School will study neuroscience at the University of Florida; and Madison Casey, who will study elementary education at South Florida State University.
Both Highlands County Sheriff’s Deputy Paul Gentry and Florida Highway Patrol Trooper Nicholas Sotille, were killed in the line of duty.

A 2.5 foot Tegu lizard is on the loose in Lakeland and a wildlife trapper has been dispatched to bring it in.
The species is known to be aggressive and can bite people if provoked. Reportedly, if one of the lizards bites a person, the bacteria in their mouths could cause a nasty infection.
Apparently, it’s unlikely that the lizard is just going to run and pounce on somebody. However, the danger comes if people become curious and get too close. Moreover, the Tegu is known to attack small house pets like dogs and cats.

Highlands County Sheriff’s detectives are looking into a reported shooting incident. The-drive by happened Wednesday night in the vicinity of Sebring Parkway.
The victim, who was found near College Drive in Avon Park, reportedly suffered non-life threatening injuries. No names or other details have yet been released. .