News Update for 5/3/22

Following a dust-up between Highlands County commissioners Kevin Roberts and Scott Kirouac, commissioners this morning approved an agreement with Jones, Edmunds & Associates for consulting services at the county’s landfill.
Kirouac questioned Roberts about questions he had been asking about fires, groundwater contamination and other issues – saying the conversation was going beyond the agenda item.
The new firm is expected to evaluate systems operations there.

Avon Park city council members have been called upon to tweak their ordinance on micro-mobility devices. The ordinance originally was made to regulate those for-hire electric scooters, but apparently also affects scooters and such owned by private individuals.
In addition to the rules, some citizens called into question about the placement of rent-a-scooter parking corrals – most notably the one outside the Avon Park High School. According to statute, nobody under 18 is supposed to be riding them.

A car and a bicyclist collided yesterday morning near the intersection of Sparta and Bassage Roads. According to reports, the cyclist was airlifted out to a trauma center.
Florida Highway Patrol officials have not released any names or details of the mishap.

A Polk County man has been charged with DUI with Serious Bodily Injury after a woman allegedly fell from his car. The incident reportedly happened near Cody Villa Road and the Scenic Highway near Frostproof. Witnesses said the woman was hanging out of the window when she toppled from the moving vehicle.

Charged was 19-year-old Ross Windom – reportedly a student at Webber University at Babson Park. The name of the victim was not released.