News Update for 5/5/20

As testing for the Corona Virus continues in Highlands County, positive and negative cases change. There is one new positive case, putting Highlands at 88 cases of the virus here. Of the 1,369 tests so far, 1,275 have come back negative – meaning now the rate of those without the virus is 93.6 percent of those tested.
Florida Department of Health officials say there have been 30 people who have been hosptalized at some point during their illness. There have been seven deaths attached to the corona virus here. Under Florida Department of Health protocols, anyone who dies with the virus or is presumed to have the virus, is said to be a fatality of the virus.

Highlands County commissioners held what may be their last virtual meeting this morning. Staff recommended that the commission might be back in chambers by their next meeting on May 19th. They would hold the session in person, but with physical distancing and no more than 25-percent of the room being occupied.
Commissioners also agreed to re-open county parks beginning tomorrow but with distancing guidelines.