News Update for 6/1/22

Gas prices continue to set new records, jumping another 20-cents a gallon. The operative price in the Sebring area now stands at a whopping $4.75 -cents per gallon for unleaded regular.
National experts say there is no end in sight for the skyrocketing prices – which affect everything from travel to groceries and dry goods.

This is June first, which marks the beginning of the 2022 Hurricane Season. Officials are predicting a more active season this year, and are encouraging Floridians to be prepared in case inclement weather should blow through the Sunshine State.
Reportedly, the remnants of Hurricane Agatha are coming across the Yucatan Peninsula into the Gulf. Forecasters are keeping an eye on it, to see if it develops. As many as 14-21 named storms are predicted over the season with 6-10 of those projected to become full-fledged hurricanes.
Beginning Saturday, residents may purchase a list of items ranging from food, clothes and medications to generators without having to pay state sales tax. That holiday will run until June 10th.

It appears we’re not out of the dry season yet. Highlands County fire units were called yesterday to contain a brush fire in the south end of the county. The blaze off Hendrie Lane in greater Venus charred about 5 acres. There were no injuries and no property damage was reported.
Authorities are cautioning residents to be careful with combustibles and any outside burning. Highlands remains listed by Florida Forest Service officials as having a "Very High" danger of wildfire.