News Update for 6/1020

The latest Coronavirus numbers released this morning by the Florida Department of Health show Highlands County has registered three additional positive cases and 69 negative tests. To date there have been 153 positives.
Of the 5,296 tests administered so far, 5,140 have come back negative. That’s a 97.1 percent negative rate over the past three months.
Florida Department of Health figures show that 41 people have been hospitalized at some point during their illness. Nine deaths have been tied to the Coronavirus since records started being kept back in March.

Avon Park city council members continue to plod along trying to figure out how to give the Church Service Center a place to operate in the City of Charm. The council finally has decided to go ahead and tear down the structure that in the past has served as their police and fire department. Apparently, bids have been let on the project and are due in soon.
After the lot is cleared, council members say they will put up a new structure at the site. The city has $280,000 to do the work – they say they are only waiting for the costs of demolition and construction. Officials of the Church Service Center say they’d like to help out, but their donations have dried up in the wake of the coronavrus situation.

Officials from Highlands Regional Medical Center reportedly have partnered with a number of other HCA hospitals to provide a health insurance hotline. The idea is to help those who may have lost their coverage due to the Coronavirus situation. Operators can discuss applying for coverage, resources for offsetting the cost of their coverage and also can answer some Medicaid questions.
They say they are not representing any company – but are an informational service only. That hotline rings at 833-867-8771

Highlands County Sheriff’s officials are reporting a new scam – this time it’s over rental properties. Scammers apparently find a property advertised elsewhere for rent, then post it as their own Craig’s List. They then con those interested in sending a deposit – promising to send along a set of keys.
You guessed it. No keys arrive and the money is gone forever. Sheriff’s officials say it’s best to deal with people face to face, and to be suspicious of any listings you might find on the internet.

Three people reportedly were injured in a five-car pile-up yesterday south of Sebring. The accident occurred at Highway 27 at the south end of the Sebring Parkway. No names or accident details have yet been released. All lanes of 27 were blocked for a time there.
Traffic was tied up for a time on State Road 64 at the Hardee County line, when a semi-truck went over on it’s side. Florida Highway Patrol officials say they know nothing about that one.