News Update for 6/13/19

The academic year has come to a close and Highlands County school officials are trying to do some evaluations. However, it appear a lot of teachers are hesitant to fill out internet survey sheets on their administrators.
Feedback to school board members indicate they do not believe that the online questionnaires are entirely anonymous – despite repeated assurances that only compiled results can be seen – and not individual forms.
Some longtime officials say that educators seem to be more wary of the current administration than any in the past.

Avon Park city council members continue to work to streamline their community redevelopment agency. By a 3-2 margin, they voted to consolidate three CRA advisory boards into one unit. Reportedly, two of the three current boards have not been meeting – inasmuch as they have been unable to get enough of their members together.
The new board will now be two members from each board and one at-large member. Council members say if and when they are allowed, they will turn CRA duties over to the new group.

One person was seriously injured and traffic was tied up on Highway 64 for several hours yesterday when two vehicles came together at the Highlands – Hardee county line.
Apparently an ambulance that was in transport hit the back end of a bucket truck near the intersection of Barn One Dairy Road. So far no names or other details on the incident have been released.

One person was taken to the hospital yesterday afternoon as the result of a two vehicle accident on Highway 27 in front of the Whisper Lake Mobile Home Park. A car was hit broadside by a pickup truck.
So names or details have been released in that mishap either.

The Florida Department of Health and AdventHealth reportedly have partnered to conduct a local survey. They say it’s an effort to better understand and address the health needs of Highlands County’s populace.
The 2019 Community Health Assessment involves a wide range of health topics – asking residents to share about topics such as: nutrition, physical activity, access to care, and mental health.
Data from the survey will be used to create a new Community Health Improvement Plan. Those wishing to take the survey can find a link at the Highlands County Commissioners Facebook page.