News Update for 6/19/18

Highlands County commissioners will get together this evening for a special session. They will be holding a public hearing to discuss a planned fire assessment to be placed on homes, businesses, industries and even vacant lots.
The hope is to raise as much as $6.5 million dollars a year, to crate a county-run blend between professional and volunteer fire departments.
The meeting will commence this afternoon at 5:30 in the Highlands County Government Center.

Following a spirited discussion, Highlands County commissioners this morning voted 3-2 to name Jim Barnard as the newest member to the Tourist Development Commission. Commissioners Don Elwell and Jack Richie held out for a Lake Placid representative, saying that their town council had not had a representative on the TDC board.
Saying they had been waiting for better than three months, commissioner Jim Brooks instructed county attorney Joy Charmichael to get agreements for road paving finshed and ready so road and bridge crews could get to work on the projects.

Qualifying opened yesterday for locals in hopes of seeking government office and already, all of the incumbents and a couple of challengers have completed their paperwork.
At the Highlands County School Board, Isaac Durrence will challenge incumbent Charlene Edwards for her seat, incumbents Bill Brantley and Jill Compton-Twist have filed, but face no opposition.
Meanwhile Arelene Tuck will run against incumbent Highlands County Commissioner Jack Richie. Incumbent commissioner Don Elwell has filed but likewise has not drawn opposition.
Qualifying runs through Friday at noon.