News Update for 6/9/19

The second of two public budget presentations will be made this evening so citizens can get a look at spending plans by the Highlands County commission. This one will be at South Florida State College and will be part of the semi-annual town hall meetings staged by Commissioner Don Elwell.
A number of county department heads also will be in attendance to answer citizen questions on a wide range of topics. The presentation will outline where the money comes from and where it goes to – including a number of the county’s constitutional offices.
As part of the program, pizza and soft drinks will be offered prior to the session. It will be held at the University Center of the College with refreshments at 5:30 and the meeting at 6:PM.

Avon Park city council members last night learned that the city’s infrastructure is suffering from years of neglect. The revelation came up during a discussion on the pending fire assessment.
Council members were told of the city’s crumbling infrastructure, which came as a surprise – to at least some of them. It appears that both property taxes and the fire assessment may be increasing to help fund repair and remediation work.

Less than a week remains in the USA 10 Best Motorsports competition balloting. The 12 Hours of Sebring now has slipped from second to third place on the leader board. Those wishing to vote may vote once per day on as many different devices as they have including computers, laptops, tablets or smart phones.
The last time the vote was taken, Sebring finished in the top five.
To vote, simply go to or visit our Facebook page.

Sebring police say they are continuing to investigate reports of an attempted kidnapping at the Wal-Mart here. Officials say they have identified the man involved, but say at this time, although he appears to have been panhandling, there was no attempt at an abduction.
The issue has gained a lot of attention on local social media, and detectives are asking anyone with additional information to contact them.