News Update for 6/9/22

Drivers on Highway 27 through Sebring soon may be getting a bit of help. The Florida Department of Transportation has installed Adaptive Signal Control Technology on traffic lights along Highway 27 beteen the Sebring Parkway South and the Parkway North.
The Intelligent Transportation Devices are designed to respond and adjust to the amounts of traffic in real time. The idea is to improve traffic flow along the busy highway. Authorities say they hope it will limit unnecessary stops and delays while reducing emissions and improving safety.
FDOT officials say these are not red light cameras or tag readers. They currently are in test mode, and reportedly may be activated soon.

Many people have heard about the film "2000 Mules," which outlines allegations of improprieties during the balloting of the 2020 Presidential Election. The Highlands Tea Party has obtained a copy of the documentary and will be showing it this evening.
The group has rented the Circle Theater in downtown Sebring to present the film – saying the historic facility provides the ultimate theater-going experience.
Shows will be at 4pm, 6pm and 8pm and will be presented at no charge.

You know you are in a rural area when the sheriff’s office issues a livestock alert. That’s just what the Hardee County Sheriff has done.

Saying that livestock complaints are one of their biggest calls for service, the Hardee County Sheriff’s office has called on ranchers and others to check their perimeter fences to make certain they are secure.
They say animals that get out on the road are not only a safety hazard but can be costly as well. Neighboring law enforcement in Polk and here in Highlands agree – it’s not a bad idea.

Highlands County commissioners are looking for some interested citizens who want to help. They have announced that there are openings on several advisory boards and committees, including on the Board of Adjustment and Planning & Zoning Commission, the Historic Preservation Commission, and the Natural Resources Advisory Commission.
They are looking for citizen participation, by way of community input, advice, and/or recommendations regarding matters brought before the Board of County Commissioners.
Officials say it’s important in developing Highlands County’s programs and policies and in providing quality public services to the community.