News Update for 7/14/22

While the housing market in Highlands County continues to be hot, it appears not everybody is buying a place to live in. A new study by Stessa shows that 8.5-percent of home sales here actually are going as investment properties.
Apparently, with rising home values and rents, rental properties are proving to be an attractive asset. The Avon Park-Sebring metro area is on par with the national average of 8.5-percent.
However, our average price for homes, set at $155,000 locally is well below the mean national average of $297,00 per house.
It remains unclear what effect the rising prices will have on homeowners county property tax bill.

For nearly a year, Harry Havery has been bringing wholesome entertainment to the Champion for Children Circle Theater in downtown Sebring. Entertainment has ranged from live bands, to movies and even animal acts.
Now, he has announced the biggest event to be scheduled so far. Five-time Grammy Award Winning Bassist Victor Wooten will be bringing his Bass Extremes tour to Sebring in October.
Havery says he already has received inquiries from outside the county for tickets for a nationally known act in an intimate setting. Previously, there have been international talents from England and from Denmark that have played the Circle Theatre venue.

A bicyclist has died in a Sebring traffic crash. The accident occurred about 3:30 yesterday afternoon on Highway 27 in front of the Fairmount Cinema Square shopping complex. According to witnesses, the cyclist apparently was trying to cross ’27 in front of the Love Buggs Car wash, when he collided with a Sport Utility Vehicle in the southbound turn lane.
No names or other details have yet been released.

The USDA Agricultural Statistics Board has forecast that citrus fruit boxes will rise by 1% this month.
That breaks down to 18.3 million boxes of non-Valencia oranges, which are harvested in the early and midseason, as well as some Navel orange varieties.
The numbers show a slight upward movement in the total compared to June. Valencia oranges also rose 1% for a forecast of 22.7 million boxes.
May’s citrus forecast rose 5% – the lowest since the 1937-38 harvest season.