News Update for 9/11/19

Marijuana dispensaries soon may be coming to Avon Park. City council members there have given the go-ahead to provisions that will allow pot dispensaries in the City of Charm.
They will be treated much the same as pharmacies, however, there will be setback requirements from schools and some restrictions on the hours of operations.
Avon Park City Manager David Flowers says he already has had some requests about such a dispensary setting up shop there. There still will be a second reading and public hearing before the provisions take effect.

Earlier this year, the Avon Park Breakfast Rotary disbanded, leaving a number of projects unattended. One local group there has now taken over the effort of the commemorative bricks at Veterans square. Currently there are about five dozen engraved bricks put down in rememberance of various service personnel.
A group called “Battle of the Bands, Inc.” has taken over the effort, saying they plan to have another placing of bricks in December on Pearl Harbor Day.

The Sebring Community Redevelopment Agency is in line for a bit of federal help. Reportedly, they will recieve a training from the National Endowment of the Arts’ “Citizen Initiative on Rural Design.”
As part of the program, leaders will be eligible to go to an October “Rurual Design Summit” in West Virginia. There, they will receive training in what was described as “creative placemaking” as well as support in navigating funding opportunities