Local News Headlines 7-5-24

The Federal Government releases June’s National Unemployment rate today, but the state released our region’s unemployment rate for May this week, and Highlands County made up a little ground last month. May’s unemployment rate for Highlands County came in at 4.2% – down from 4.5% in April. The overall region including Highlands, DeSoto, Hardee and Okeechobee Counties registered a 3.8% unemployment rate.

The Sebring Downtown CRA is now the proud owner of the former Bank of America building on the triangle downtown near the corner of South Ridgewood and Lakeview Drive. The building has housed a variety of vendor markets in recent years – its most recent owner, Mike Tellschow, was paid $1.2 Million for the building. For the time being, Tellschow will continue to run the Downtown Mall and Marketplace there, but the CRA is exploring options, including a possible Race Museum.

Just in case you hadn’t heard – the World Series starts before the end of this month. No, the pros get to fight it out till October, but FOUR Avon Park Dixie League Baseball teams are heading to the Dizie League World Series as Florida’s representatives of their age divisions. Avon Parks’ 13-14 year old Dixie Boys, the 11-12 year old Ozone team, 9-10 year old AAA and 7-8 year old AA Dixie League teams all took the sir state championships last week. All four teams begin their quests for national titles July 25th, and campaigns are on now to get them funded to make the out of town excursions.

City and County run camp areas for the homeless have been on hold until this past week when the Supreme Court found Florida’s ban on sleeping in public places constitutional – now, the push is on to locate and fund a state-mandated place where homeless men and women can pitch tents and camp, away from downtowns and other public places. The total bill for a “Highlands Care Connect Campground” could come to $240,000, including land, clearing, showers, septic services and food facilities. A half-dozen local nonprofits are working on a proposal.