News Update 12/24/20

A new report by the research firm Porch finds that the Avon Park/Sebring area has the fifth smallest younger population in the nation. The figures indicate that just over 30-percent of the population here is under the age of 35 – and fewer than 30-percent of those are homeowners.
Researchers say the country’s population as a whole has been aging, and by 2030 – there will be more citizens over 65 than there are children.

The northbound lanes of Higway 27 in Sebring were blocked for a time last night. Reportedly, two vehicles came together at the Bayview Street intersection.
No details on the mishap or resulting injuries have yet been released.

Apparently some folks got a little un-nerved earlier this week due to a low-flying aircraft and called authorities. Highlands County Sheriff’s officials say – not to worry, it’s that time of year again.
They say it was a crop duster, doing what crop dusters do. That being said, they thanked the callers for keeping an eye on what’s going on – reminding citizens that if they see something, say something.

A great honor for Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd. He has been appointed by President Trump to the Coordinating Council on Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention. The council’s purpose is to coordinate federal programs related to delinquency prevention and missing and exploited children.
In responding to the appointment, Judd said he and the Polk County Sheriff’s Office have a long-standing commitment to protecting children. Especially those who have been victimized, exploited, or who are missing.
Judd says he is looking forward to contributing to the council’s mission.