News Update 5/27/21

Food trucks are being welcomed in the City of Charm with open arms. Without comment, Avon Park city council members gassed a measure on second reading, regulation the when, where and how the chow wagons will be allowed to set up shop.
Reportedly, they will be banned from residential areas and from setting up on city property – including public parking spaces. Council members called the statute ” a work in progress,” that can be modified in time.

The Red Flag remains out for Highlands and surrounding counties. That means no outdoor burning and care with combustibles. Authorities are warning citizens that parking or driving vehicles – including golf carts – in tall, dry grass can be dangerous. Heat from vehicles, especially particles from exhaust systems can spark a fire.
Due to dry and windy conditions, fires may spread quickly6. Safety service officials are asking drivers and others to use all due care.

A new scam has hit Highlands County. Apparently, someone is calling residents, claiming to be a representative of a cartel-controlled prostitution ring. They tell the victim that they own money and will have to pay up or have family members harmed.
Highlands County Sheriff’s officials say unless you actually have patronized such a house of ill repute – there’s nothing to worry about. It’s a scam – just hang up.

An inmate at the South Polk County jail has been charged with stomping another inmate to death. 36-year-old John Smith was charged with first degree murder. Te victim, identified as Shaun Seaman fell into a coma and passed away last week after being severely beaten at the facility near Frostproof.
Seaman, who had been arrested a few days before the attack, had been charged with hitting his girlfriend. Officials say Seaman was on suicide watch as was Smith and two other men.
Authorities say Seaman was found injuries several hours after Smith got into a fight with one of the other inmates.