News Update for 5/28/21

A 59-year-old Avon Park man reportedly was injured in a motorcycle accident early this morning. Sebring police say the rider lost control of his bike near the intersection of Kenilworth and the Sebring Parkway just after midnight and hit a tree.
He was transported to a local hospital then airlifted to the trauma center at Tampa General.

While a lot of real estate is being swept up quickly – the sale of the Brickell Building in downtown Avon Park is moving at a snail’s pace. Avon Park City Manager Mark Schrader gave city council a rough draft calling for requests for proposals to purchase the two-story structure on Main Street.
The property has been re-zoned to allow both residential and commercial uses. Council members say they will advertise it for 30 days with 60 days for suitors to submit a bid.

DeSoto City firefighters were called out yesterday to extinguish a fire in a trash truck. The driver got the vehicle pulled over On US 98 and dumped a lot of his load in an effort to extinguish the blaze.
There’s no indication what caused it or damage to the truck. There were no injuries. Authorities say they’re glad it didn’t make it to the landfill…

School’s out for the summer, but the graduation ceremonies are just getting underway. Avon Park’s class of 2021 will be walking tonight to pick up their diplomas and various other honorarium. That will commence at 7:00 this evening at Joe Franza Stadium.
Sebring High School will graduate tomorrow morning – that will be held in the Alan Jay Arena at the Highlands County Fairgrounds. Tomorrow evening will be Lake Placid’s commencement exercises – those will be at Roger Scarborough Stadium.

Members of the local chapter of Americans’ for Prosperity have just about had it with the wild government spending going on in Washington D.C. To that end, they are planning a Dumpster Dollar burn to graphically demonstrate the amount of money being spent on taxpayer’s behalf.
That will go on at the APF Headquarters in the Fountain Square Shopping Plaza west of Sebring this afternoon at 4:00.

Those getting ready for the hurricane season will be able to save a bit of money today. This begins a 10-day “disaster preparedness tax holiday.” Sales tax will be suspended on such things as battery-powered radios, batteries, flashlights and generators among other things.
The tax holiday runs through June 6th.