News Update for 1/30/20

Members of a citizen’s committee charged with checking credentials of candidates for the Avon Park city manager’s job reportedly are livid. They are unhappy at the way three members of the council bypassed their work – voting simply to offer the job to former Highlands County Undersheriff Mark Schader.
Committee members said they worked long and hard on researching the candidates to come up with their recommendations. They pointed to council members Stanley Spurlock, Brenda Gray and Maria Sutherland, who they say circumvented the entire hiring process.
Reportedly, Schrader has been offered the job, but has not said whether or not he will take it.

Work has started to demolish the ill-fated Avon Park skateboard park. Youngsters approached the city nearly two decades ago, pleading for the facility, saying there was nothing for them to do in the City of Charm. Since that time, it has sat nearly abandoned and mainly has been a magnet for grafitti.
Council members last year voted to have it taken out to make room for the possible construction of another facility.

There were some tense moments, and part of the Francis I Mobile Home Park in Sebring were evacuated yesterday. Reportedly, a truck backed over a gas meter – resulting in a leak. Crews were able to isolate and fix the problem without further incident.