News Update for 10/13/20

Firefighters in Sebring were busy this morning. Units were called to battle the flames at a house on Second Street about 3:AM. Reportedly, the home was fully involved in flames when units arrived. The Fire Marshal’s office has been summoned to determine the cause of the blaze.
Two adults and tow children were able to get out without injury. Authorits say it was totally destroyed.

As things open up, Avon Park city council members last night agreed to allow a Veterans’ Day dinner at the Community Center to offer a sit down option. At first, the meals were to be pick-up only.
Organizer Anna Marie Feeny told the council that the place would be run in accordance with guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control, including masks, gloves and sanatizing procedures.
Council members said they would see how that event goes before deciding whether or not to start renting the facility again.
In other action, Deputy Mayor Stanley Spurlock stepped down from that post. Council members selected Jim Barnard to take over those duties.

Officials of the School Board of Highlands County have announced they have a new App for your telephone. Parents and others can stay informed of notifications and updates from the system.
There also will be access to school and district information and resources. Users will be able to connect to individual schools and be informed on information during critical events.
The App will go live October 15th.

Today is the 245th birthday of the United States Navy. Officials from the Sea Services Museum in Sebring say they will be having a birthday party for them today from 2-4pm at the museum off Kenilworth Blvd.
There will be cake and ice cream. And, the museum will be open for folks to take a look around. The whole thing is free and open to the public.

Officials of the Florida Department of Health yesterday released figures showing that 100 people have died locally either “of” or “with” the Coronavirus.
To date, there have been 22,248 tests for the virus done here in Highlands County. Of them, there have been 20,062 which have come back negative. There have been 2356 positives. However, the severity of those cases has not been revealed.
It is known that 251 people were hospitalized for the coronavirus at some time since numbers started being kept back in February.