News Update for 10/3/18

After a failed attempt at naming a candidate for Congressional District 17 – Democrats now have named Wauchulla’s Allen Ellison as their standard-bearer. Ellison will take the place of April Freeman who passed away unexpectedly last month.
Ellison, who once ran for county commission in Hardee County reportedly was selected from six potential candidates. He now will face Republican Greg Steube in the November general election.

Highlands County commissioners yesterday unanimously approved a new name, seal, rank structure, and enabling resolution for the Highlands County Fire Rescue.
Additionally a Length of Service Awards Program for volunteer service was approved. Volunteers who have reached the age of 55 with 25 years of active service, will be awarded $25 per month for the rest of their life.
After that award raises $50 per month of each five years of service, capping at $400 per month at 40 years and thereafter.
It’s all part of the new countywide fire service, underwritten by the new fire assessment which starts this year.

Ever want to have coffee with a cop? Highlands county Sheriff’s deputies are available today for coffee and conversation at locations in each of the Highlands County communities. This evening from 5-7pm they will be at the Dunkin’ Donuts on Highway 27 in Avon Park and Highway 27 in Lake Placid. They also will be at the Starbucks on Highway 27 in Sebring.
This morning, deputies were at three other locations in Highlands County.

Cell phone users – you’re in for a special alert this afternoon. It’s nationwide test of the Wireless Emergency Alert system.
At 2:18 there will be a loud tone & vibration, a box will pop up on the screen and will show a message that starts with “THIS IS A TEST” and ends with “No action is needed.”
If you’re watching TV or listening to the radio, you may also see or hear a test message around the same time. Officials say the nationwide test is to ensure that during a major national emergency affecting public safety, it will be possible to alert people quickly.
FEMA and the Federal Communications Commission will be evaluating the readiness of the emergency alert infrastructure to see if improvements are needed.