News Update for 12/1/20

The Nancessowee Hotel is no more. The three story building in Sebring came down with a bang yesterday as crews finally took down the front of the structure. The wall came down in spectacular fashion, with several videos of the tumble being posted on social media.
Neighbors of the building say the work was a bit bumpy – with a couple of what they called “unpredicted crashes.”
Crews have been working on gutting the building from the back for the better part of the week. Citizens of Sebring reportedly are picking up the quarter million dollar tab for the demolition.

Highlands County commissioners this morning voted to open up an application process for a third round of money from the Coronavirus Aid, Recovery and Economic Security Act, It would allow some people or entities that had misapplications, as well as some new applications to be submitted.
Due to state regulations, it will only be a 24-hour window to get paperwork submitted. More information may be obtained at the Highlands County commission’s web page.
Commiswsioners also looked at re-vamping their priorities list for the upcoming fiscal year.

The city of Sebring will be getting a bit bigger following their meeting tonight. On tap for the city council agenda will be nearly a half dozen annexation ordinances. All of the properties will be along the Highway 27 corridor ranging from the area near Aldis to lots around the Lakeshore mall.

The “Fire It Up Frostproof” event may not be dead. Council members in the Friendly City will be talking about the annual barbecue fest when they meet tonight in regular session. Word is they may try to revamp the event or change its focus.
Currently it costs more to stage it than the revenue it generates.
Frostproof council members also will talk about the possible construction of a pole barn by local FFA alumni.

Lake Wales police are informing residents of the Crown Jewel of the Ridge about a scam there. Apparently, somebody has spoofed the Lake Wales police department’s telephone number and is calling residents. The man reportedly identifies himself as a Lake Wales police lieutenant and tells the citizen they have missed a court date.
He then tries to get personal information to get money to pay off a supposed fine. Police say it’s not true – and just hang up.