News Update for 12/11/18

One person reportedly was injured last night when three vehicles came together in Avon Park. Reportedly, the chain-reaction mishap occurred about 7:00 at the intersection of
Cornell Street and Memorial Drive.
One individual was transported to the hospital – their name has not yet been released.

Units from Highlands Lakes and West Sebring were called to assist Avon Park firefighters in extinguish a fire at the Crystal Lake Golf Community yesterday morning. Apparently, the blaze began in a storage area at the rear of the mobile home.
Neighbors reportedly used garden hoses to try and contain the flames until firefighters arrived. No damage estimate has been released and no injuries were reported.

It was a long session for the Avon Park city council last night as they lumbered through a three and a half hour meeting. They took care of a number of issues, and turned others over to City Attorney Gerald Buhr.
One was to help coordinate three different organizations who want to use the Martin Luther King complex.
In other action, the council got an update on extending their municipal water and sewer lines into Polk County and voted to reject delivery of a generator from Tradewinds and put it back out to bid.

It may be a while before the mold problem in Avon Park’s Brickell Building is solved. Superintendent of Utilities Josh Turner last night told Avon Park city council members that finding a contractor to do the work has been a challenge.
Councilwoman Maria Sutherland indicated she would at least like to know how toxic it is. Council members then moved to put the job out to bid to find a company who might do the work.

As the deadline for applying for the Avon Park city manager’s post looms, the list now has swelled to 10 hopefuls. The latest reportedly is Louis Bates. He worked for the City of Charm once before, serving a tumultuous term as the city’s Development director.
The council has expressed a desire to have a local resident take the post and a number have applied. There are some others also have put in applications, from as far away as Cape Coral and Warren, Maine.
The deadline to register is tomorrow, and more applicants are expected.