News Update for 3/10/20

There’s a chance you might be hearing some big booms over the next few days. Officils at the Avon Park Bombing Range say not to worry, they’re just hosting some AC-130 gunships.
The big planes and their crews are doing some ground-attack training there.

Today is election day in the city of Sebring. Newcomer Mark Wilson is looking for one of three city council seats that are up for grabs today. All three of the incumbents, Lenard Carlisle, Tom Dettman and Mark Stewart all are looking to get re-elected in the City on the Circle.
Officials at Supervisor of Elections Penny Ogg’s office reported a very light turnout for early voting. The polls in Sebring will be open until 7:00 tonight.

It’s the dry season here in central Florida and officials are cautioning residents to be extra careful with fire. Yesterday Florida Forest Service officials stopped issuing burn authorizations due to high winds and very unstable atmospheric conditions across the district.
They warn residents to be cautious with anything that could trigger a fire.

As the Corona Virus continues to dominate the news, officials from the Highlands County Health Department are telling residents to keep calm and wash your hands.
In a report to Highlands County commissioners, Environmental Health Director, Epidemiologist Patrick Hickey said at this point, they are treating the event as “a typical flu outbreak,” meaning it is spread the way a normal flu is spread.
He says the message remains the same. Wash your hands often, avoid contact with sick people and if you don’t feel well – stay home.
Hickey joined other health officials in saying that washing your hands with soap and water is the single most effective way to prevent the spread of the virus.