News Update for 3/26/20

Highlands County Health officials say Highlands County has registered a fifth positive case of the coronavirus here. Apparently it is a woman making the total here four women and one man.
The age range spans from 39 to 78, Three are travel-related, two are not.
So far across the Sunshine State, 27,539 tests have been administered, 23,741 have come back negative. There are 2,355 positives with 1,443 pending.
At the last report, Florida had registered 28 deaths chalked up to the Coronavirus.

While many things across the Sunshine State have been curtailed, cutback or cancelled completely – Highlands County officials say there still are some services to the community.
Fire departments and Emergency Medical Services still are responding to calls, Fire inspections and building inspections still are being held. routine maintenance activities continue on the roads, the asphalt plant still in in operation, water quality monitoring still is under way, the landfill still is open for business and county staff is working on the budget.
Authorities are asking residents to do as much business as possible over the phone or online.

People continue to ask about testing for the Coronavirus. Health officials say if you are experiencing the coronavirus symptoms or possible exposure, call your primary care physician. If you do not have a primary care doctor, call the local health department or Central Florida Health Care.
At that point officials will determine if the caller is a person is one that needs to be screened. If tested, residents are asked to self-monitor and self-isolate until they receive test results.
In the meantime, all residents are asked to wash their hands thoroughly and often, keep you hands off your face, cough or sneeze into the crook of your arm, stay away from sick people -a and if you feel sick, stay home.