News Update for 3/30/20

Like most of Florida, as more tests are administered, Highlands County’s positive numbers for the Coronavirus continue to grow. The total here stands now at 12. There are six men and six women, two hospitalizations and one death.
Meanwhile, there are zero cases in Hardee and in Okeechobee counties, Desoto has seven and Polk has 46. Statewide, of the 50,528 tests administered, 44,048 have come back negative, with 4,950 positives – the rest are pending.
Since statistics have been started, there have been 60 deaths in Florida.

In an effort to assist those who many have questions about the coronavirus, Highlands County Emergency Management officials now are staffing a hotline.
The number rings at 402-6800.
It will be in service from 8am until 5pm to answer local questions about the virus.
Noting that there is NO LOCAL LOCKDOWN, residents are asked NOT to call law enforcement about groups of more than 10 individuals, or those who may be standing closer than six feet together.
The Florida Department of Health also has a COVID Hotline that one rings at 866-779-6121.

Although there are no bus routes and classrooms remain locked, it is back to school today for thousands of Highlands County school children. They will be doing “distance learning,” that is, doing their lessons via computer.
School officials say they understand that access to WiFi is the only way that online distance learning will work. They have posted information on various ways to access the internet on the School Board’s Facebook Page.
Those without access to the internet can come to school parking lots, sit in vehicle and use their WiFi. Student Chromebooks automatically connect to ANY of the schools’ WiFi. School parking lots will be open during normal school hours.