News Update for 4/12/24

While improvements are continuing at the Kenelworth Lodge in Sebring, according to reports in the Tampa Bay Business Journal, Mark & Madge Stewart, longtime owners of the hotel are suing their business partners. The Sebring couple reportedly is requesting a dissolution all net proceeds of the sale of the property.
It’s a complicated affair, dating back more than a decade. Accounts indicate that the Stewarts alledge that their partners were conspiring to wrongfully take full ownership of the historic hotel and purposefully let the property fall into disrepair to purchase it at a deep discount – saying “The endgame (of their partners)has been to pay nothing for full ownership of the hotel."
The action apparently came after recent news stories suggested that the Stewarts no longer owned the historic property.

A parade of unhappy parents came before the Highlands County School Board, calling for action on one of the district’s teachers. The women came before the board under the time for personell recommendations by the superintendent.
Apparently, the unnamed educator had been a teacher at Avon Elementary School, and had affected the students so deeply they no longer wanted to attend classes.
Board members noted that currently, the teacher is under suspension with pay, and the incidents are under investigation.

A train collision is being blamed for causing a fuel leak in Polk County.
The Florida Department of Environmental Protection released some details yesterday on the incident in Lakeland.
A railcar reportedly rolled into a locomotive in the CSX Winston Yard. The locomotive’s fuel tank was punctured, and about 13-hundred gallons of fuel were released to the ground.
The DEP says some fuel entered a drainage ditch and crew was called in for cleanup. Once the waste is disposed of, a report will be submitted to FDEP.

The next Miss Bowling Green, actually may not be from Bowling Green. Pageant organizers say entry in the Bowling Green Cutie, Tiny Miss Bowling Green, Little Miss Bowling Green, Miss Bowling Green Pre-Teen, Teen Miss Bowling Green, Miss Bowling Green and Ms. Bowling Green – can come from Hardee, Highlands or Polk Counties.
The registration deadline will be Monday, April 22nd. For additional information, contact Bowling Green City Manager Pam Durance at Bowling Green city hall.