News Update for 4/27/20

Following a stable weekend, numbers released by the Florida Department of Health show Highlands County has increased to 80 cases of the Corona virus since numbers started to be tallied. That means there have been no changes since Friday
The number of people who have been hospitalized here at some point during their illness is unchanged at 28. Seven local fatalities have been attached to the disease. Anyone who dies with the virus now is listed as a victim of the virus.
Recovery rates currently are not being tracked by the Florida Department of Health.

The Avon Park city council is slated to hold another virtual meeting tonight. Councilwoman Maria Sutherland has at least three items on the agenda. She wants to talk about the status of the Church Service Center and their plans to move onto property currently occupied by the former police station building. Additionally she wants to hear about plans to help citizens with their municipal utility bills and talk about the budget for the Avon Park airport.

While the Corona Virus numbers remain the same, some other numbers are increasing. It appears the Spring Love Bug season is getting underway with sightings in Sebring and in Avon Park.
The slow-flying insects are a bane to motorists, splattering windshields and car finishes. Apparently, they are attracted to the highways by exhaust fumes.
Officials say the lack of rain may keep this season’s crop of the critters to a minimum.