News Update fpr 4/24/20

Numbers this morning from the Florida Department of Health show Highlands County now has had 76 cases of the Corona virus since numbers started to be tallied. There are 28 people who have been hospitalized here at some point during their illness.
Seven local fatalities have been attached to the disease. Anyone who dies with the virus now is listed as a victim of the virus.
Recovery rates currently are not being tracked by the Florida Department of Health. The numbers do not include the 340 tests done by AdventHealth last Sunday.

In addition to frequently washing your hands, not touching your face, coughing into the crook of your arm, staying away from sick people and staying home if you are ill – officials are adding some do’s and don’ts for the Corona virus.
For instance, don’t try and microwave your face mask to sterilize it. The microwave will set fire to certain materials and face masks with metal in them may damage the microwave itself.
Also, do not leave face masks or gloves in parking lots or shopping buggies.

Three people sustained minor injuries yesterday when two cars collided on State Road 64 west of Avon Park. Authorities say the incident occurred at 64 and Oleander when one vehicle clipped the other in the rear.
No names or other details on the incident have been released.

You may have seen the stadium lights burning at the local high school last night. No, there was no game – that was in honor of the Class of 2020 and senior student athletes. All three schools participated in the national event.
Today is report card day – but there will be no card. Retitiled “Virtual Progress Report Day,” school officials are asking parents to log into their students’ “Skyward Family Access Account” and check their academic progress.
Teachers will have grades for the first half of the 4th 9-weeks virtual instruction grading period.