News Update for 4/30/19

Officials of the State Fire Marshal’s Office and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco & Firearms are sifting through the rubble of the Kosan/Crisplan propane gas tank warehouse in an effort to determine what sparked a massive fire there and how it spread. Units from all over Highlands County and other agencies worked for hours yesterday trying to contain the flames.
In all, the blaze destroyed some 18 structures. Authorities say most have been so completely burned that identification has been difficult.
The one worker who was injured reportedly has been talking with family members in his hospital room. His name has not yet been released.
Crews now are working to stabilize the scene, including controlled burning of some propane tanks that were not ruptured during the initial fire.
Highlands County Fire/Rescue Chief Marc Bashoor says he hopes to have a more complete report by the end of the week.

Christmas will be on the minds of Avon Park city council members when they get together for a workshop this evening. At issue, is whether the city wants to purchase decorations for the mall and light poles.
In the past there had been private sector efforts to bring Christmas to the mall, but that was taken back over by the city several years ago. In calling the session, Avon Park Mayor Garrett Anderson hinted there might be some citizens interested in the project.
The session will commence this evening at 6:00.

A number of fans have asked to have a memorial placed at the Don Panoz Gallery of Legends at the Sebring International Raceway. The group has asked for a monument to remember French driver Bob Wollek.
Wollek was killed in a traffic accident during Race Week in 2001. He was riding his bicycle on Highway 98, returning to his hotel from a practice session, when he was struck by a motor home.
Track officials say they will help with the design and placement of the plaque. The group, called IMSA Pit Lane, is trying to raise $2500 through their FaceBook page.