News Update for 5/9/19

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has signed a bill that would allow classroom teachers to carry guns in school – in systems that permit it. Highlands County Superintendent of Schools Brenda Longshore has reiterated her opposition to the expansion of the “Guardian Program” here.
Instead, local schools are looking at installing the Active Shooter Awareness Program. Developed by VOLO, it is a web and mobile based system that provides panic buttons through cell phones. It allows teachers, administrators and law enforcement to communicate should an incident occur.
The system also has an anonymous tip reporting function to help avoid incidents in schools.

Avon Park has been picked for a business targeting exercise sponsored by the Duke Energy Corporation. The 120 acres of property north of the City of Charm is owned by Cruiser Cruise, Baxter Troutman and the Ben-Hill Griffin Corporation.
Near the site of the proposed NuCor Steel Manufacturing plant, officials say the property already has rail and other services. A meeting with planners and officials from local and state agencies is scheduled for next week as part of the information gathering process.
A formal presentation on site development is set for July.

The city of Sebring will be upping their donation to the local branch of the Boys & Girls Club in the City on the Circle. They voted to increase their annual donation from $30,000 to $50,000 a year.
Boys & Girls Club Board President Tim Redling gave the city council an update on the organization, saying they had come from being $148,000 in debt and having to sell popcorn to make payroll, to now operating in the black.
He told council members the organization now wants to branch out from first to fifth graders, to reaching older youth. The idea is to get them involved in constructive activities.

Many people have seen the big Stearman Bi-Plane known as “Old Smoky” owned by Walt Pierce cruising the skies of Highlands County. Pierce, a pilot and barnstormer has passed away.
Famous for his upside-down flying, smoke-making prowess and wing-walker routines, Pierce had been flying air show performances for better than a half century. He recently was inducted into the International Council of Air Shows Hall of Fame.
Pierce was 77.