News Update for 6/15/20

More Coronavirus testing results came in this morning. There has been one additional positive case and 73 new negatives registered here in Highlands County . There have been 44 people hospitalized at some point during there illness. There have been nine deaths attached to the coronavirus here.
To date, there have been 5,722 tests recorded in Highlands County. Of those, 5,547 have been negative and 172 have been positive.

There were no serious injuries yesterday when a car went out of control and overturned near Lake Placid. The incident occurred off Lake June Blvd. near Fair Oaks St. First responders said that when they got there, all of the occupants were out of the vehicle and refused treatment. No names or other details have been released.

Staff members in Avon Park continue to work to try and get the Brickell Building ready for sale – but apparently it’s not fast enough for some city council members. Avon Park councilman Stanley Spurlock ruffled some feathers when he told staff members they were not working fast enough to check on black mold and other problems in the two-story, downtown structure.
City Clerk Kimberly Gay told Spurlock he apparently was not aware of the workload staff has – especially in light of restrictions due to the Coronavirus. City Manager Mark Schrader assured Spulock the issue was being handled and that inspections had been scheduled.