News Update for 7/13/18

Sebring Police continue to search for a local man wanted in connection with a shooting incident. They now have identified the suspect as Marvin Owens Sr.
Authorities believe it was Owens who shot Thurlow Wilkins Wednesday night in an incident near the intersection of Lemon Street and Martin Luther King Blvd. The 39-year-old Wilkins was hit in the side and taken to the hospital.
Owens reportedly remains at large.

Yet another phone scam is being reported to separate people from their money. Officials at Duke Energy are warning that there are scammers threatening to cut off people’s power, if their bills aren’t paid immediately
The group reportedly has it down to an art – spoofing a Duke Energy phone number on caller ID and duplicating Duke’s voice response system to make it sound even more authentic.
Duke officials say they NEVER ask for untraceable forms of payment such as debit cards or cash and that any such disconnect warning would appear on the monthly bill.

The remnants of Hurricane Irma remain – 10 moths after the big storm. In an effort to make certain that they get roof repairs, some people reportedly have given deposits for roof work but were told that the work would not start for several months.
Highlands County Sheriff’s officials say, if that deposit was at least 10 percent of the total contract – then it could be illegal. Florida law states that if a contractor takes moire than 10 percent as a deposit, a permit must be pulled within 30 days and work must start no later than 90 days after the permit was pulled.
Sheriff’s officials say they want to know about any such contracts that do not match state statutes.