News Update for 7/22/22

For those who need to register or change their party registration for the upcoming primary elections, time’s wasting. Highlands County Supervisor of Elections Karen Healy is reminding residents that the books will close Monday.
Florida has a closed primary system, meaning democrats can only vote for democrats and republicans can only vote in their race in the upcoming August balloting.
Among the seats contested will be a county commission race, seats on the school board as well as the District 18 Congressional seat.

Highlands County officials are calling on residents to help get the area noticed. They’re looking for photographs to be showcased in the upcoming Florida Association of Counties annual calendar.
The theme for 2023 will be “Keep Calm and Love Water” and will feature some of Florida counties’ lakes, rivers, ponds and other beautiful bodies of water.
Those who want to send in their original photos have until Aug. 19 to enter. Photographers will get full credit for their entries.
Interested residents are urged to call Highlands County for full details or visit their Facebook page.

Another dust-up over community standards in Sebring. A restaurateur there who has been holding burlesque shows at their facilities, took an opportunity at the last Sebring council meeting to call for the resignation of Sebring city councilwoman Terry Mendel.
Mendel, who has been the lone voice against such exhibitions, says she’s not going anywhere. Avon Park city officials already are taking preemptive steps to keep such displays out of the City of Charm.

It’s a landmark for Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd who’s celebrated his 50-year anniversary in law enforcement in Polk County. Judd, who also briefly worked in Polk’s EMS system, has risen from dispatcher to sheriff over the past decades.
Judd has received nationwide attention for his no-nonsense attitude and tough stance on crime.