News Update for 8/13/18

It was back to school today for thousands of youngsters across Highlands County and – so far – no major incidents have been reported.
Highlands County school officials are cautioning motorists to drive carefully and to observe posted limits in school zones.
Drivers also are warned to watch for youngsters walking or bicycling on their way home from school.
Because there are still some stops on Highway 27 Highlands County Schools Director of Transportation David Solomon says some buses now have L-E-D lights on the back to alert motorists that there is a stopped bus letting off children.

The Southbound lane of Highway 27 was closed for a time north of Avon Park early this morning when a dump truck caught fire. According to reports, the truck, which was full of asphalt, was being pulled by a tow truck.
Firefighters from both the Highlands Lakes and the City of Avon Park responded, Early reports indicate the fire began in the rear axle from the brakes, then spread.
No injuries were reported.

The Avon Park city council is due of a couple of updates at their regular meeting tonight. First, City Manager June Fisher is slated to discuss a request to provide water and sewer service to the new WaWa service station, slated to go in at the intersection of Highway 27 and Valerie Blvd.
They also will be asked to look at approving a new event – a food truck rally to be held on the second Monday of each month at Donaldson Park.

Officials at the Highlands County Fairgrounds now have revealed the amount of pressure exerted on them by members of the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals to cancel a circus planned for this past weekend.
In addition to being cautioned they they could be held responsible if animal acts fell afoul of a Sebring municipal ordinance against the use of certain training instruments, the fairgrounds reportedly received over 8,000 emails and dozens of threatening phone calls.
It was not clear how many of those contacts were local – and how many may have come from across the country.