News Update for 8/27/18

Early voting for this year’s primaries has come to a close. At the end of the day yesterday, some 3,936 Highlands County residents had turned out to cast their ballots in a number of races.
That is in addition to the 5,505 tallies received by mail. Tomorrow all 25 polling places across the county will be open for those who want to cast their ballots on Election Day.
At issue for Republicans and Democrats are nominations for their standard bearers in a number of races, from Governor and Senator to a number of different cabinet posts. Everyone may vote on the judge’s races as well as a county commission and school board seat.

Highlands County Sheriff’s deputies handled a couple of traffic accidents overnight. A car reportedly hit a pole near County Road 17-A West and North Brentwood Circle. The incident happened shortly before 9:00 last night north of Avon Park.
One person was transported from that mishap – their name has not been released.
Another accident on Lake Clay Road and Citadel near Lake Placid reportedly had only minor injuries.

Avon Park city council members will meet tonighht in regular session. Among other things, they will be asked to approve the first reading of a measure to allow an exemption to public consumption statutes for special events held in the City of Charm.
In other action, officials of the Vet jam Music and AquaFest events will be asking for approval of their upcoming events. The council also will look at an extension of the jana Concrete lease that would cover them until they move to their new location.
The city also has rolled out their new web site – that may be found at the old address