News Update for 8/28/20

The latest Coronavirus test numbers released by the Florida Department of Health show that there have been 25 additional positive tests and 56 negatives added to Highlands County’s ongoing count.
Of the 18,066 tests administered locally – 16,275 tests have been negative with 1,781 positive cases recorded.
There have been 190 people hospitalized at some point during their illness and 60 deaths have been tied to the corona virus since numbers started being kept.

Officials at the Highlands County Emergency Management Division say they have established a temporary pet shelter for the 2020 hurricane season. Described as “a shelter of last resort,” the facility will be only for residents of Highlands County.
Pets will be housed in a separate area from people. Pet owners would be given a schedule to attend to their animals needs. Only two humans per pet will be permitted.
All dogs and cats admitted must have been vaccinated and microchipped. Owners must bring their own food and accessories. Livestock, reptiles, birds and pocket pets will not be admitted.

Officials of the City of Sebring report nobody as of yet has pulled a demolition permit for the Nan-Cess-0-Wee Hotel downtown. New video has emerged showing the structure has suffered what has been termed “catastrophic roof damage.”
Downtown neighbors maintain they have talked with developers, who have promised that they will refurbish and eventually re-open the landmark.

Avon Park city council members have started the process of instituting rules and regulations for historic structures in the City of Charm. City attorney Gerald Buhr told the council that there already are two ordinances in the books. However, they appear to be in conflict with each other.
Apparently, there needs to be a procedure in place for grants or for demolition of such structures. Avon Park currently is dealing with taking down both the Wilde Building and the old fire department location.

A man who spent the last 37 years in prison on a assault and murder charges walked out of Hardee County prison yesterday after officials discovered dramatic new evidence that proved his innocence.
Fifty-six-year-old Robert DuBoise had been serving a life sentence after being convicted in 1983 for the murder of 19-year-old Barbara Grams. Officials for the prosecutor in Tampa said during a court hearing that much of the physical evidence in the case had been destroyed.
However they were able to track down evidence at the county medical examiner’s office and process that for DNA. Within a week, the evidence excluded DuBoise.