News Update for 9/26/18

Avon Park city council members have instructed their city attorney to draw up an ordinance that would allow the use of golf carts on roads in certain areas of town. Members of the Crystal Lake community have been doing it, claiming to be a golfing community. City attorney Glinda Pruitt says the practice is illegal but was being ignored.
City officials told her to draw up an ordinance that would set rules and regulations for such practices, and relieve the city of liability in case of accidents.

Following reports that a Port St Lucie history teacher says she was fired for refusing to give half-credit to students who didn’t turn in their assignments. Highlands County school officials say they have no such policy for teachere. .
Diane Tirado says her school along Florida’s Treasure Coast had a “no zero” policy, requiring teachers to give students no less than a 50-percent grade on assignments.
Tirado said she was fired in mid-September when she refused to follow the policy after several students didn’t turn in a homework project.
No specific cause was given in her termination letter from the principal at West Gate school since Tirado was still on probation having been recently hired.
A spokeswoman for St. Lucie Public Schools says there is no district policy prohibiting teachers from giving a grade of zero. Highlands school officials say they have no such policy either.