News Update 10/23/19

Units from the West Sebring Fire Department were called out early this morning. A fire occurred at a house on Leaf Road in the Harder Hall area shortly after midnight.
The flames apparently errupted while residents were cooking something. There were no injuries reported, but apparently there was significant damage to the kitchen.

Earlier this month Highlands County rolled out a new website. Now, officials of the Highlands County Sheriff’s Office say they too have a new internet presence. Calling it a “vast improvement” over their old website, authorities report that is much more user friendly and easier to search.
New features include a social media feed, a translator and a built-in screen reader and other tools for those who need assistance navigating the site.

If you have household hazardous waste material, you might want to start putting it in a pile. This weekend will be the regular collection here in Highlands County. They’ll be taking in such things as old cleaners, pesticides, herbicides, cans of paint and such. During this collection, oil and batteries will be accepted in unlimited quantities as well as end of life electronics.
That will include computers, monitors, keyboards, television sets, fax machines and the like. The collection will be held this Saturday at the landfill off Skipper Road south of Sebring from 8:30 until 2:30.