News Update for 12/18/18

Highlands County Commissioners received the first quarterly update from the newly-created Highlands County Fire/Rescue division when they meet this morning. Highlands County Public Services Director Mark Bashoor told commissioners how much money has been collected from the new fire assessment, then outlined plans on what to do with the cash That included the repair of facilities, standardizing equipment and discussed the hiring of a deputy chief of operations.

Chalk up another couple of arrests for the Highlands County Sheriff’s Office K-9 Corps. Their new K-9 Gentry, with some help from his handler Deputy John Garrison, apprehended a couple wanted in connection with a counterfeiting ring.
Chaz Deemere and Cierra Sramek reportedly were found yesterday, holed up in an attic in a home on Koy Avenue in Sebring. Once located, the pair reportedly surrendered without incident.

Highlands County Sheriff’s deputies have arrested a shoplifter with some $3800 worth of clothing, shoes and jewelry. Reportedly was the second time in as many days for 27-year-old Ericka Sykema Jakayla Wisdom.
Deputies believe Wisdom took merchandise from the JC Penny Store on Sunday and victimized the Sears store yesterday. A subsequent search of her home turned up more merchandise believed to have been taken in Polk County.
She has been charged with dealing in stolen property, resisting arrest, possession of marijuana and driving on a suspended license among other things.