News Update for 12/9/20

Highlands County commissioners, local agencies, affilations and interested residents will gather this morning at the Highlands County Government Center for the annual legislative delegaton meeting.
Florida State Senator Benny Albritton and newly-elected Florida State Representative Kaylee Tuck will be there to hear about local concerns before the start of the upcoming state’s legislative session.
This morning’s meeting will commence at 9:30 in the Highlands County Commission Chambers at the Government Center in Sebring.

Highlands County Sheriff’s officials are reporting a new scam. Local residents say they are getting calls from people claiming to be sheriff’s deputies, whi say they have a warrant for their arrest.
Of course, the callers want personalo banking or credit card informaton to take care of the fines right there and then.
Sheriff’s officials say they generally don’t call people to tell them about warrants. Deputies usually show up at the house and knock on the door. In any event, warrants are never paid off over the phone.
They say if you get such a call, just hang up.

There were a few tense moments during a traffic stop in Lake Wales. Police thedre say an officer had pulled a car over on Highway 27 near the Love’s Truck Stop. But as the patrolman approached the vehicle. the driver took off.
He collided with another car during the getaway. The driver and the occupants of the vehicle then fled. Reportedly there were no serious injuries in the accident. The suspect driver reportedly now has been located.
Lake Wales police officials have released no other details at this time.