News Update for 2/;11/19

Today is Old Fashioned Dollar Day at the Highlands County Fair. It’s also Highlands Radio Group Day, with a number of radio personalities at the fairgrounds beginning at 4:00 this afternoon.
It’ll be a dollar admission, there also will be a dollar menu on the midway and some dollar rides as well. The commercial Heifer Show & Showmanship as well as the Pee Wee Show for small animals will be held in the Livestock Pavilion today as well.
Over the weekend,

At tonight’s Avon Park city council, board members again will discuss the situation at the Brickell Building. A mold mitigation specialist recently inspected the municipally-owned structure.
The council also will have a discussion on the city charter and methods that would give more say-so to the board. In other action, council members are expected to discuss the provisions of the Americans with Disabilities Act. That law reportedly has now prevented even the posting of the council’s agenda on the internet.

A number of local youngsters recently received awards form Sheriff Paul Blackman. Jentil, Jocelyn and Giovanni Hall were given Courage Awards for helping their mother after she had been attacked and stabbed in a June 13th incident.
The three kept pressure on their mother’s wounds, actions which helped save her life. Arial Hall was given a Life Saving Award in recognition for her intervention in the attack. Arial was also seriously wounded as she fought off the attackers, both of whom were later arrested.