News Update for 2/14/19

Officials of the Highlands County School System are cautioning drivers to be on the lookout for youngsters today. Classes are out today and tomorrow. No reason was given.
School will resume as normal Monday morning.

After a total re-write and a referendum on the subject, the Avon Park Charter once again is up for review. Councilman Jim Barnard, who was on the charter committee, now has raised a number of issues where he feels the city’s constitution needs to be changed or streamlined.
Barnard points to language about who can run for election, the powers of the city manager, budgeting & finance provisions and the ability for the council to hold formal investigations as areas he would like to see revisited.
City attorney Gerald Buhr said he would go over the proposals and bring them back individually. That process is expected to take about four months to complete.

Officials at the Sebring International Raceway say that ticket sales are moving at a greater rate than they have in years. That’s attributed, in part, to the addition of the new 8-Hour World Endurance Championship race that will be run during this year’s race weekend.
Because of the increased interest, track officials say a number of changes are being instituted to accomodate the crowd, One is the new Marathon Coach Fan Zone that will be in Turn 3. In fact, the viewing mound there has been re-shaped to allow a 15-row grandstand.
Another grandstand will be set at Turn 9- which also has been reconfigured.
Meanwhile, the new Green Park Drive-over Bridge is nearing completion. By the way, officials say the advance deal on Super Sebring tickets ends tonight.