News Update for 5/25/22

Avon Park council members are looking to clean up the city of charm. They adopted a new set of rules that would establish criteria in foreclosure proceedings for properties that violate code enforcement statutes.
The measure, crafted by city attorney Gerald Buhr, sets up a point system with weighted items that could lead to legal action – especially for multiple, or repeat offenders.
Council members called it a starting point, saying it may need to be tweaked as enforcement issues arise.

The 2022 Hurricane season is right around the corner and Highlands County officials are reminding citizens that registration for the county’s special needs shelter now is open. Residents are reminded, if they qualify, they must re-apply each year for a spot at the facility, should a big storm blow through.
Persons eligible for special needs shelters have a physical or mental condition that requires limited medical and/or nursing assistance that cannot be provided in a general population shelter.
Not every person with a disability needs to evacuate to a special needs shelter. In fact, some people with disabilities can be safely accommodated in general population shelters.
Additional information is available by calling 402-7673.