news Update for 8/17/18

Volunteers from the Lake Placid, Desoto City, Placid Lakes and Sun N Lake fire departments – as well as the Highlands County EMS and Fire Services turned out yesterday to extinguish a blaze at the Tower Plaza in Lake Placid.
Despite a heat index of better than 105-degrees there were no injuries reported. Authorities say it was confined to the roof area of the building, but was complicated by the multiple additions that have been made over the years.
Cause of the fire remains under investigation.

Although early voting has been underway for some time now, actual polling places will open in Highlands County tomorrow. Voters will be able to cast their ballots at the Lake Placid Town Hall, the Highlands County Supervisor of Elections Operations Center on Kenilworth Blvd. in Sebring and at the Avon Park City Council Chambers.
Elections officials say they already have received better than 4,000 absentee ballots by mail – which figures out to a 6.88-percent voter turn-out so far.