News Update for 8/7/18

It appears that the equestrian bridge on Vaughn Road will be restored – but it will be the last time the county will do it. At their meeting this morning, Highlands County commissioners voted to restore the deck of the structure, then to vacate the right of way and let Highlands Hammock State Park take responsibility for it.
The county would spend up to $40,000 for the project. That money would be funded through gas taxes.

It’s good news for some – not for others. Highlands County Commissioner Don Elwell has announced that within the next couple of weeks, drivers will see the speed limit on Highway 27 dropped to 50 miles per hour. The limit will run from just north of the Fairmount Cinema Square Shopping complex to south of Highlands Regional Medical Center.
Once the signs are up, there will be a two week grace period before enforcement begins.

The Loomis Brothers Circus is coming to town this weekend, but already they under fire from the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.
In a letter to the Highlands County Fairgrounds, officials have warned them that the venue can he held responsible if the circus violates Sebring’s recent ban on the use of bullhooks or whips on animals displayed at the show.
In their letter, PETA urges the fairgrounds to re-think their plans to hold the elephant and tiger acts which are part of the circus.